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MTC Hosts Small Business Conference

The HHS does four of these events annually, with other events gathering in Denver, Detroit, and Washington, D.C.

Seeking Job Candidates? You May Want to Think Beyond the Obvious

As with any degree, a focused education allows students to explore their passion, and the majority of these students will pursue employment within their specific fields. However, college degrees, regardless of their specific focus, should also offer students the opportunity to gain skills that can be valued in most business organizations.

Fathers and Leaders

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 17th, and as I was thinking about the holiday, it led me to reflect on my own childhood and the leadership lessons I learned from my father.

Training Officers Through Computer Simulators

A simulator helps teach and reinforce proper use-of-force decision-making and gives users a firsthand understanding of what these highly charged encounters entail. Participating in the simulator exercise gets the officer’s heart rate up, which produces a stress reaction. Training in these stressful situations helps the officer make similar real-life decisions under duress.

Dynamic Duos

GHS and Palmetto Health join forces, but it’s just one of the high-profile hospital partnerships across the country.

Independent Working: Community Spaces Provide Spots for The Untethered

From locally run to corporate options to unofficial coworking meet-ups, members of Columbia’s business community are carving out their own niches around the city through a variety of coworking spaces.

Your Guide to MBA Programs in South Carolina

South Carolina colleges are rebalancing their business school curricula to keep the luster on MBA programs, and some are adding online courses to expand their reach.

Metal Collectors: Scrap Recycling Thrives in S.C.

Recycling of scrap metal is a significant industry in South Carolina. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) estimates that metal recycling accounts for 3,400 direct jobs with an economic impact of more than $823 million.

Tidewater Expands, Continuing Growth Wave For Boat Builders

Tidewater has begun renovations on a building near the intersection of Interstate 20 and U.S. Highway 1 in Lexington. It’s a couple miles from Tidewater’s existing facility, near I-20 and S.C. Highway 6.

Old-Fashioned Feed & Seed Draws Customers Far And Wide

Since she bought the store in 2007, the store has attracted customers from up and down the East Coast who are interested in the seeds, feed, animals and plants that Sal’s sells. From Charleston to New York and down to Florida, Sharpe says that there’s a wide variety of people coming through each year.

It looks like we don't have any events for this date. You can always add an event.

It looks like we don't have any events for this date. You can always add an event.