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Columbia City Council Extends Commitment to BullStreet District

The agreement, which specifies commitments both parties have made in the partnership, comes up for renewal every five years.

Young Tech Firms Tackling Security, Web Challenges

Four IT firms in Columbia weigh in.

Midlands Businesses Running the Baton in Lengthy Relay Race

According to the latest report, the Midlands showed measurable improvement over the past year on several key competitiveness indicators. However, it lost some ground over the life of the multi-year project thus far.

Libraries Evolving With Times

Libraries have begun to both embrace and reflect the needs of their own vibrant communities, and aisles and aisles of books are just one small fraction of what the library has to offer.

The Art of Storytelling

Design Firm Elevates College Athletics Branding

Part Two: Make 2018 your EntrepreYEAR!

This article addresses the resources available to help you locate a space to work, conduct your research and development, obtain mentorship, present your idea, and secure financing.

How to Proceed When Using an Internal Sexual Harassment Investigator

What if you can’t afford to hire an outside investigator? The next best thing is to appoint a competent, fair minded, management-level employee to investigate.

How Will 2018 Tax Reforms Impact You?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) will have widespread implications for companies, the American economy, and individuals. It’s already influencing many executives’ business decisions.

‘I Gotta Go Sell Something’

At some point in every entrepreneur’s journey comes the realization that business is driven by sales and that sales are driven by YOU.

South Carolina Businesses: Understanding and Managing Risk

First, we need to consider security from a comprehensive view. Security is more than gates, guns, and guards – although physical security is certainly one component of it.