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Bierbauer’s Transitional Legacy

The Charles Bierbauer of 30 years ago was not interested in teaching journalism. Back then, he said he wasn’t quite ready to give his job to some smart-aleck 25-year-old. “Now my job is to train those smart-aleck 25-year-olds,” says Bierbauer, now 74. “And I really enjoy it.”

Local Architecture Firm Celebrates Ruby Anniversary by Giving Back

The Boudreaux Group is in its second generation of ownership. Founder John Boudreaux retired at the end of 2012 after transitioning ownership to the new team beginning in the early 2000s.

Midlands Biotech Firm Passing Startup Test Fast-Growing IMCS Begins International Push

Since its founding in 2013, IMCS has grown to 25 employees, graduated from a university incubator to its own lab and headquarters, and is beginning to market its products internationally.

Civic-Minded Flock to Columbia-Based Startup

Voterheads (, the Columbia-based startup that seeks to make keeping up with the meanderings of local government a more user-friendly experience, is projecting rapid growth in 2017, and is starting to get some welcome national attention.

BIO global CEO, Gov. McMaster featured speakers at SCBIO 2017

Themed “Building the Business of Life SCiences in SC”, the 2+ day conference draws attendees from across America for networking, innovation updates, opportunity discovery, partnership making, and strategic discussion.

Framework: Ensor Building Renovations Begin

Work has begun on renovations of the historic Ensor Building in the BullStreet neighborhood, located at 2180 Boyce St. between Spirit Communications Park and the First Base Building. The building was originally a research laboratory for the Ensor Research Foundation, founded in 1945, to make improvements in mental health patients. It was later a morgue until the late 1990s.

Clickable Stacks: Entrepreneur Helps Readers Shop Libraries

Koios, named after the Greek titan of intelligence, instantaneously connects Internet book searches with databases at your local library. The company was co-founded in 2015 by Trey Gordner and his colleague Ralph Kuepper, 25. Its main mission: Make it as easy to borrow books as it is to buy them.

Orangeburg’s Husqvarna Facility Has History To Match Its Parent

Over many decades and through many names, an Orangeburg facility has been churning out lawn mowers to keep yards and fields tidy across South Carolina and around the world.

Columbia Caterer Grows Across Southeast

What if the food is tasty, but the service is lacking? Does that impact the success of a celebratory event? Jimmy Stevenson, owner of Southern Way Catering, bets it does.

Basket Manufacturer Hopes for Mild Winter

Terry Roof and many members of his family have spent their entire careers making baskets. “When I was born, my parents put me in a basket,” Roof jokes. “When I outgrew it, they put me in a bigger one. This is all I’ve ever done."

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