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Let’s Work Together

Columbia’s startup community is a hot bed of collaborative activity. Every week at 1 Million Cups, we find out about new partnerships and joint ventures.

Forget Work-Family Balance — Embrace Billable Hours!

Balance may be unrealistic, but there is value in striving to make sure the different parts of your life are in harmony.

Two Enterprising Adaptations For Local Houses

Airbnb, the home rental concept available on the internet, appears to be doing well around Columbia.

S.C. Cities and Towns Tackle Challenges in 2018

Each year, the Municipal Association engages hundreds of municipal officials to identify major challenges facing their cities and towns around the state, and proposes changes in state law that could help meet those challenges.

Dreamers Deal With Challenges in S.C.

DACA students in South Carolina are charged out-of-state tuition to attend public universities, regardless of how long they’ve lived in South Carolina. They are also ineligible for scholarships and financial aid, making attending college nearly impossible.

Those Pesky Phrases

The English language has many little eccentricities where writers can stub their toes because they are unaware of the pitfalls. Here are some more of those words and phrases that fall into no particular category.

M. B. Kahn Has Change in Leadership

Effective January 1, these promotions will enlarge and strengthen the executive leadership team of M. B. Kahn to facilitate the continuation of the company’s future growth.

The Soul of Philanthropy Campaign Launches in Columbia

Opening Feb. 10, 2018 at Richland Library, The Soul of Philanthropy presents the long and unsung legacy of black philanthropy-from generous donors of wealth to every day givers carving a way out of no way.

Selleck Reflects on Michelin Career

During Selleck’s tenure as president and chairman of Michelin NA, the company has invested nearly $4 billion in its North American operations.

Cypress Creek Constructs New Plant

The new 75-megawatt facility is expected to be placed into service by 2019.