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Nothing Bugs This CEO

Knox’s grandfather bought an existing Terminix operation in 1947, the same year Knox was born. Today, both celebrate their 70th year, along with another milestone: the family-owned business is recognized as the nation’s eighth-largest pest control company.

Firms Dial Up S.C. For Call Centers

South Carolina has been an attractive location for siting call centers over the past few years. Greenville has participated in this success and is home to about 40 call centers of various sizes.

More than 1 million traveled in South Carolina to view the eclipse

Roughly 1.6 million people traveled to or within South Carolina to view the total solar eclipse last month. Their hotel bookings and other travel expenditures left an estimated $269 million economic impact across the state, making the eclipse the largest single tourist event on record in South Carolina.

Small Businesses Can Repel Malicious Attacks by Being Cyber-shrewd

The bad actors (criminals) on the other side of cyberspace are multiplying and increasing their efficiencies too.


Property taxes in Austin are collected at about half the rate Columbians pay, and the charge per kilowatt hour in a discount deal to encourage conservation and small usage of electric power is half what Columbians pay.

MTC dental hygiene students volunteer for mission work in Columbia

More than 800 patients received an estimated $600,000 in free dental care from about 100 volunteers from across South Carolina and other states.

The Next Surge of Main Street Entrepreneurship

Among the latest entrepreneurs (willing to take a calculated risk in the Main Street District) are creative and successful types, wielding expertise and passion to fuel the resurgence of downtown Columbia.

Enhancing the Candidate Experience

One of the most impactful and cost-effective ways for an employer to differentiate itself from competitors is to enhance the candidate experience.

MADE in SC to grow advanced materials education, research, economy statewide

With the EPSCoR grant, MADE in SC is committed to hiring 17 new researchers over five years at five institutions.

Best & Brightest 35 and Under Alumni Profile - Kara Simmons

More than anything, Simmons says that being a member of the Best and Brightest Under 35 Class of 2016 has helped her broaden her social platform so that she can help more people.