May 05, 2017

The Ride 4 Breast Cancer Campaign was created within the Indiegogo Campaign to bring awareness and show support to Breast Cancer Survivors and patients. We all know someone in our life that has dealt with the effects of Cancer in some form or another. We At Hammond e-Bike Technology know firsthand about this disease having lost loved one after loved one over the years. We honor their memory by helping others who have survived or currently dealing with the disease. We can’t do anything about Cancer itself. Our goal is to take survivors and patients minds off the battle and give them a ray of sunshine for life after the battle. We can help someone feel special and have meaning 1 bike at a time.

A Hammond electric bike isn’t just an ordinary bike. The Ride 4 Breast Cancer Campaign was created to give 30 or more fully loaded pink Hammond 500’s to Breast Cancer survivors or patients during Octobers Breast Cancer Awareness month. Hammond e-Bike Technology will coordinate with local Breast Cancer Charities to choose the recipients for the year. The success of the campaign will ultimately determine the number of bikes Hammond e-Bike Technology will be able to give away. Every bike perk purchase helps us provide a free bike to a Breast Cancer Survivor or patient. The purchaser will be receiving one of our awesome products in the process. The pink Hammond 500 was designed and painted just for The Ride 4 Breast Cancer campaign. It’s the only electric bike with that design and features in existence. It’s a win/win from our stand point. Help us Help someone.


Columbia South Carolina based company Hammond e-Bike Technology is happy to finally announce “Hammond e-Bike Technology campaign is now live on Indiegogo”. Today, Hammond eBike Technology announce their Hammond electric bike collection, loaded with Hi-Tech gadgets. The electric folding bike collection is available in 3 unique designs including The Hammond 500 (500-watt motor), The Hammond 1000 (1000 watt motor) and The Hammond unlimited (1000-watt motor. Each bike also comes in a coordinated custom-made bike bag, and a newly designed GPS, touch screen bike computer called The Hammond X5. Hammond collection is the first ever fully loaded folding, electric smart bike in a custom bag. To join in this revolution, visit our campaign page and support this project (Hammond ebike).

 “The Hammond collection was built out of the necessity to satisfy a community of bikers that appreciate diversity, technology, and functionality. The bikes will eliminate a lot of problems bikers face and help them enjoy their hobby like never before. We implore everyone to join in and take part in this great assignment, by supporting our Indiegogo campaign and spreading the word on social media,” said Thomas Hammond, CEO.

The Hammond bike collection, The Hammond Unlimited and The Hammond 1000 is available in different colors and comes in a custom bag for proper packaging, easy mobility, and protection from weather elements. The bikes have matching interphone bike speakers with Bluetooth, compatible with any Smartphone up to 20 feet away. It also has wireless rear signal lights and front head light. Hammond ebike technology took bike security to another level by intergrating a hidden GPS tracker device. The GPS provides double real-time tracking to absolute street address by SMS or online web tracking. Geo-fence capability sends you an SMS if your bike is disturbed or someone is trying to steal it. The GPS tracker and bike computer has a number of cool features, to many to mention.

The prototypes are complete. See them in action on our campaign page in the video section. We want to mass produce The Hammond Collection. The company is offering everyone to own this fantastic product at a discount during the campaign. You instantly become part of The Hammond e-Bike Technology family when you support our campaign. You help us support victims of Breast Cancer. When you support us you will receive perks for life. We are the first to ever offer backers life time discounts in the amount of 5% - 35% from our online store once we reach our stretched goal.

We look forward to hearing from you during this campaign.

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