June 14, 2017

\Abacus Planning Group announced that Eileen M. Stevens, CFP® has met all requirements to become an Enrolled Agent.  Enrolled Agents demonstrate special competence in tax matters, adhere to ethical standards and are required to stay current with tax law and regulation.  Enrolled Agents may also represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. 


Ms. Stevens is a 2014 graduate of Virginia Tech with a BS in Business, where she majored in Finance with a financial planning concentration. She joined Abacus in June of 2014 and earned the CFP® designation in June of 2016. 


Abacus is a financial advisory and investment counsel firm known for its passion in creating success for clients and family businesses through skillful listening and smart financial decision-making.  Managing over $850 million on behalf of its 200 clients, Abacus consists of a team of multi-disciplinary experts who work collaboratively to serve its clients.  

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