June 01, 2013

James Griffin

Family Security First
3 Short Pine Ct.
Irmo SC 29063
Web: familyfirstsecuritysc.com
Before James Griffin opened Family First Security, he had worked installing home security systems for about five years. His experience in that role is what inspired him to open his own security system company.
“I felt I had a deeper meaning in starting this business,” Griffin said.
He said before opening Family First, he had to go into homes to install security equipment after sales people had sold it. “There are too many people in it just for the money,” Griffin said. He said that often he found that sales people were not honest with customers about what they were getting for their money. He said that promises that could not be kept were made, too.
In starting his company, Griffin said he came up with a mission statement to reflect how he wanted Family First to be. “I feel we are committed to providing up-to-date, affordable security and home automation products, customized for each home or business we serve,” he said.
Griffin said there are a lot of reasons to be insecure.
“But we are dedicated to ensuring peace of mind and making certain family safety comes first,” Griffin said. Griffin said his commitment comes from experience. “Some salesmen in this industry have bad reputations. I want to be sure that I run this business ethically, following a set of morals. Installing security systems is too important to be done the wrong way,” Griffin said.
While important, Griffin said honesty and integrity are not the only benefits he wants to offer. He said his service is personal. He also said he offers a variety of plans that are easy for the client to understand. He also said the products are affordable and easy-to-use.
“Unfortunately crime is on the increase and so are home invasions,” Griffin said. “We know how important the securing of your family is a priority.” 

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