By Terry Ward
September 01, 2013
Jeff Blevins - Owner
Punk Monkey Comics

4711 Forest Drive Suite. 24

Columbia, SC (803) 743-4575

There is a new kid in town, or at least new monkey.

Punk Monkey Comics is open on Forest Drive in Columbia.

The definition of a Punk Monkey is a “juvenile neighborhood nuisance; usually characterized by rudeness and disregard for other people and property.”

But that description is more of an attention-grabber than it is accurate with the new comic book store. 
“Punk Monkey is Columbia's newest destination for all things entertainment,” said owner Jeff Blevins. He said the Punk Monkey serves as a mascot for the store.
Blevins said he opened the store to serve the market for the contemporary, but he also has an inventory for the not so new.

“We carry all the latest issues of your favorite comics,” Blevins said. “But we want to offer a place where our customers can come in and feel comfortable. We want customers to take time to go through our back stock of older comics. Hopefully we’ll have what you need to add to any collection, or maybe we have that item you need to complete a set. I feel like we have an incredible selection to choose from.”

But in a world where the forms of media are growing exponentially and quickly, Blevins said Punk Monkey includes a diverse inventory to compete for a wide range of clientèle. 
“Besides comics, we also offer a large selection of new and used music, movies, and games,” he said.

The range of Punk Monkey’s offerings include comic books, vinyl albums, T-shirts, movies, new and used CDs and games. Blevins said he carries board games, too.

And for the gamer or movie lover who faces the disappointment of finding their favorite disc scratched, and not in working order, Punk Monkey can help. 
“We’re one of the only places in Columbia offering disc repair,” Blevins said. “We can make that scratched movie, CD, or game as good as new with our quick resurfacing service.” 
And while Punk Monkey is a retail outlet first, Blevins said the store also buys and trades comics, music, and movies.

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