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Columbia Business Monthly


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6904 N Main Street
Suite 105
Columbia, SC 29203

(203) 281-2744

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Business Hours

8:30 am 4:30 pm

Founded 2006

SBP's mission is to shrink the time between disaster and recovery. SBP started in the St. Bernard Parish in 2006, just outside New Orleans, as a hyper local response to the devastation brought by Hurricane Katrina. Starting out as a local tool-lending program, it has grown into a national organization that has rebuilt 62+ homes in South Carolina so far, and over 1,100 disaster affected homes nationwide in 7 states. In addition to rebuilding, SBP brings the tough lessons learned in New Orleans to communities across the country at risk of or affected by disaster by training homeowners and small business' in at-risk communities on resilience and preparedness, and by advising state and local officials to deploy federal dollars post disaster.

Today in South Carolina, there are still ~600 families waiting for our much needed assistance, living in homes many would consider uninhabitable. Although it has now been two+ years after the devastation of Hurricane Joaquin (fall 2015), the news camera's may be gone...but the community still needs helping hands!!

Ways To Help:

1) Volunteer.....Or spread the word and ask others to volunteer! Individuals and Groups are both encouraged. To register:

2) Donate......As a non-profit, our biggest barrier to getting families home faster, is funding. Due to grants and kind-hearted individuals, we have thankfully put 60+ families back into their homes since the SBP-SC operation began in 2015.

3) Fundraise......Check out this video link for step-by-step instructions on how to fundraise for SBP.

4) Sponsor a Family......In the interest of supporting a family getting back in their home, contact us for more details.

Check out this short news clip showing just a snapshot of the joy SBP has already brought to the Columbia community.

SBP thank's you for your interest in our organization!!