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Mika Hunter

Female Defender

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Founded 2017

Female Defender is a Leadership Development Company that focuses on the development of All women including women in uniform.

About the Founder: Mika taught leadership & public speaking at a Military University to thousands of military leaders/students. She worked on several teams to write leadership curriculum used in the United States and overseas. She created a program that improved instructor productivity; this program was benchmarked as the best across the Air Force. Later during her military service, she was selected as the only female leader to evaluate a leadership course for Seals Teams, Green Berets, Combat Controllers, etc.

She was selected as an instructor to introduce the John Maxwell Leadership program to the Military (at Langley Air Force Base) in 2005.

She has academic and practical leadership experience across organizations in the United States and around the world: Mexico, Honduras, Mali, Spain, Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Philippines, Italy, Mali, Cuba, and Slovenia.

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