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Planned expressly as South Carolina’s state capital, Columbia has grown from a busy cotton and textile town into a government powerhouse, military training center, locus of higher education, and flourishing financial haven. Home to multinational corporations, boutique businesses, and all the intermediaries, the city is recognized for its livability and solid business climate. While Columbia caters to a diversity of markets, it is especially devoted to the fields of healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and banking. Columbia Business Monthly keeps abreast of all these various enterprises, sharing news of start-ups, relocations, and developments as they occur. We explore the operations and philosophies of featured companies on a regular basis, highlighting their practices and successes to prove the value of community dynamism. We also offer a broad perspective on the business climate from folks in the know, granting our readers a practical, experienced outlook.

Why the National Deficit Matters to Businesses and Beyond

On the surface, the current U.S. economy looks rosy. However, recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predictions that the federal deficit will reach $1 trillion by 2020 have alarmed many economists, business leaders, and ordinary citizens…and rightly so. As Thomas Kaplan of the New York Times wrote in April 2018, “The fear among some economists is that rising deficits will drive up interest rates, raise borrowing costs for the private sector, tank stock prices, and slow the economy, which would only drive the deficit higher.” From there, the likeliness rises that the U.S. will face a fiscal crisis such as the Great Recession…or worse. If so, everyone—businesses, families, and individuals—will suffer!

A Case for Adaptability: How Leaders Get the Most from their MBA

In past columns, my colleague Robert Ployhart has written about our Leadership Transitions Model. This framework identifies the competencies necessary for different levels of leadership and how to effectively transition to new leadership roles. Drawing on our framework and experience with many companies, we have developed tools for assessing emerging leaders and assisting them through these transitions. In this article, I want to share our experiences using these tools to accelerate the career progression of our Professional MBA students.

Building Your Personal Brand: The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

South Carolina’s economic upswing has created a market where job seekers can likely find a job. In fact, we have the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years. That’s good news.

Veterans Legal Clinic Opens At USC School Of Law

The School of Law’s Veterans Legal Clinic will offer free legal services to indigent veterans or military families unable to afford a private lawyer.

Samsung Observes One-Year Mark Of Expansion Announcement

One year ago, Samsung reached an agreement with the State of South Carolina to open a $380 million dollar state-of-art home appliance manufacturing plant in Newberry County.

Fisher Communications Wins Southeast Emmy

This was Fisher Communications' eighth Southeast Emmy win in the past decade, with three for public service advertising and five for environmental education programs.

BMW responds to Trump's tariff threats

This isn't the first time the president has targeted one of the Upstate's largest employers.

Remington College Offers New Diploma Programs

The campus is now offering a Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Diploma Program and Medical Office Administration Diploma Program.

Merchant Iron Works Expanding In Sumter

The company's $2.5 million investment is projected to create 27 new jobs.

SCDOT: $1B in Projects Underway on I-85, Malfunction Junx and 526 are next

The first year of SCDOT's 10-year plan comes to an end