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South State Bank Focuses On Technology And Relationships

With more than 40 years of experience, John Windley, chief banking officer of Columbia-based South State Corp. and president and CEO of South State Bank, says technology is dramatically changing the retail side of the business.

Will UCB Move HQ to Greenville?

Veteran banker Lynn Harton, named chief executive officer of United Community Banks, Inc., the Blairsville, Ga.-based bank holding company, has strong ties to Greenville. The move raises the question: will United move its headquarters to Greenville? Harton, in a recent interview, didn’t rule it in, or out.

Tax Reform Claims Popular College Sports Deduction: Impact Unclear but many Enthusiasts Unfazed

The Internal Revenue Code had allowed an 80 percent deduction, as a charitable contribution, for donations paid for the right to purchase season tickets for athletic-event seating. Under tax reform signed into law by President Trump, the deduction was eliminated.

Offshore Drilling and Big Higher Education Numbers

In South Carolina there is hue and cry over the possibility of the ecological damage that can come with offshore drilling. But what is the hue and cry over the endowments in the major universities, the direct beneficiaries of successful oil exploration, both inland and offshore?

Six Figure College Debt: a Myth

We can hardly read a newspaper or magazine without seeing a headline focused on college debt and the burden it imposes on students and their families. For example, Fast Company has posted a number of articles highlighting individuals with post-graduation debt in excess of $100,000. As a nation, we are asking ourselves whether a bachelor’s degree is worth the debt often incurred and whether a college degree is really a worthwhile investment.

Tax Reform Q&A

Partnered Content Under the new law the deduction for business interest is limited to 30 percent of the company’s taxable income beginning in 2018. Any excess interest that is not deductible in a given year can be carried forward to the next year and potentially taken then, subject to the same 30 percent limitation.

Women Banking Leaders Stress Community

Women in South Carolina’s top echelons of banking represent multiple business cultures, yet share one vital common view: community must be integral to their work in banking.

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