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‘I Gotta Go Sell Something’

At some point in every entrepreneur’s journey comes the realization that business is driven by sales and that sales are driven by YOU.

This Cannot Be Tolerated

The after-2 a.m. crowd needs the access to the city just as much as the 9-5 daytime conventional types.

From Campaigning to Governing

This year, the Municipal Elected Officials Institute is celebrating 30 years of graduates. More than 1,600 local officials have completed the program.

Cybersecurity: Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

Whether terrorists, mother nature, or a 13-year-old hacker trying to impress her friends, there is a seemingly infinite number of threats challenging our cybersecurity efforts every day.

Employer Guidance for an Effective and Proper Hostile Environment Investigation

Proper investigation of sexual harassment complaints can yield big benefits for employers. A prompt and thorough investigation, followed by appropriate action to end any harassment, can actually insulate an employer from liability under certain circumstances.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The craziest part of entrepreneurship is how different it is for everyone who experiences it.

What “The Last Jedi” Teaches Us About Organizational Change

Change is uncomfortable, and organizational change is extremely difficult. Many change efforts either fail entirely or fail to meet expectations.

A Plan for Washington

Like most great cities, Washington began as an idea, a concept President Washington wanted to see illustrated in an innovative street plan.

Make 2018 your EntrepreYEAR!

Whether you just have an idea for a business, are seriously considering being your own boss, or have a small business that is chugging along and ready to take off to the next level, there may be resources available in the Midlands area and nationally to help you.

Diversity Education Is Everyone’s Responsibility

The fact that advances within a single generation have rendered these ideas so alien to my daughter speaks volumes about how far we have come as a nation. On the other hand, the fact that we continue to confront negativity about our differences says a great deal about how far we have yet to go.