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Another Look At Scana

Since SCANA, parent of SCE&G, is having a hard time finding believers in its nuclear plant construction stories, maybe another recall can put SCANA where it might insert some veracity into the conversation.

Inclusivity Needs To Be More Than A Buzzword

Inclusivity in business means there are a variety of voices, experiences, and backgrounds contributing to the organization’s decisions.

Make Engagement Surveys Work

A well-developed and carefully-implemented engagement survey can offer considerable value and insight.

Have You Called Your Business Lately?

Many leaders forget simple, vital factors in business success, like making a good first impression.

The Devilish Comma

Your communication with the public and with your clients is revealing to even the most casual observer. Something as simple as a comma says a lot.

GOP Tax Reform Plan Cripples Homeownership Incentives

The bill eviscerates existing housing tax benefits by drastically reducing the number of home owners who can take advantage of mortgage interest and property tax incentives.

Good Media Relationships Benefit All Involved

When it comes to being successful working with the news media, the bottom line is that relationships are key.

The Start Up Scene In The Midlands

There is energy and enthusiasm in the start-up space in Columbia, and 1 Million Cups reflects it.

The Power Company

We’ve all seen this SCANA communications breakdown business before. To paraphrase Casablanca’s police chief, I am shocked, shocked to see fraud at this establishment.

Become A Fan Of Productive Failure

Failure is productive when it leads to learning, and sometimes knowing what does not work is as important as knowing what does work. Productive failure is necessary in the process of discovery.