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A University For The Community: Communiversity

Research documents the fact that college graduates are productive workers who give back to their communities, vote in elections, and live longer, healthier lives. In short, they are better citizens.

Avoid The Sin Of Pleonasm

No thinking business should be willing to give its competition an advantage, yet many do. They give their competitors an edge because they don’t exercise enough care in the written messages they send out.

Why I Am Running For Governor

Big change and real reform is hard. It always comes from the outside, from the grassroots up. That’s what must happen now. We must all get involved and help make it happen. If you don’t, it won’t happen.

Richland School District 2: The Gift Of Language

Through this program, Spanish-speaking 11th and 12th graders with strong grades are recruited and trained as volunteer interpreters for parents, students, teachers and district staff.

Prepare to Fire Before You Hire

The bottom line: There’s nothing enjoyable about employee terminations. Do your best to balance the individual’s interests and the company’s security and make prompt decisions.

Get An Intern - But Do Your Homework First!

While this information sounds enticing, taking the time to create quality internship programs is key to providing the most advantageous benefits for both the company and the intern.

Are Your Customers Causing Turnover?

To put it simply: unhappy customers are contributing to employee turnover, and for reasons that are independent of employee attitudes and satisfaction.

Mother of All the Arts

Movies about architecture, the good ones with well-developed plots and believable characters worth talking about, are rare. Now, however, we get Columbus, a highly praised movie showing the architecture of Columbus, Ind., as a character.

How To Grow A Successful Company

There is no owner’s manual for building a successful company, and every business you create will have its unique challenges.

The Disease Of Corruption Is Infecting Our State

This disease of corruption is bipartisan, contagious, and spreading.