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Dialysis to Despair: From Richard Nixon to Graham-Cassidy

I’m just a number. Do those we elect to serve care about statistics? Does our Sen. Lindsay Graham care about at least one of his constituents? Richard Nixon did.

The Next Surge of Main Street Entrepreneurship

Among the latest entrepreneurs (willing to take a calculated risk in the Main Street District) are creative and successful types, wielding expertise and passion to fuel the resurgence of downtown Columbia.

Enhancing the Candidate Experience

One of the most impactful and cost-effective ways for an employer to differentiate itself from competitors is to enhance the candidate experience.


Property taxes in Austin are collected at about half the rate Columbians pay, and the charge per kilowatt hour in a discount deal to encourage conservation and small usage of electric power is half what Columbians pay.

S.C.’s Nuclear Meltdown and Crony Capitalism

Over the last ten years, SCE&G has hit its customers with nine rate increases. Today, 20 percent of their customers’ bills goes to pay for the failed nuclear facilities.

Motivations a critical factor in growing a business

Whatever it is, the key to being successful and growing your business is to know why you are driven to succeed, own it, and plan to achieve it.

Higher Education System Grapples with Complex, Three-Legged Monster

Schilz says the Commission’s overarching duty is to identify threats to the long-term stability of the state’s higher education system. The abatement situation threatens the integrity of the system’s collective funding model.

Small Businesses Can Repel Malicious Attacks by Being Cyber-shrewd

The bad actors (criminals) on the other side of cyberspace are multiplying and increasing their efficiencies too.

Critique by job, compliment by person

Have you ever needed to deliver some correction to a team member, but been frustrated at their seeming inability to hear it? This can drain the momentum of any team. Our default wiring as humans is to attach more meaning to what we do than who we are. Consequentially, any negative comment about job performance is going to be met with resistance.

Customization + Ecommerce = Customers

E-commerce is steadily taking more and more of the consumer’s wallet every year. For millennials and future generations, purchasing online is the norm, and traditional retail will simply have to adjust.