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Coerver Center of Excellence

4 Soccer Skill Sessions

Center of Excellence, Winter 2017/18 Join in the 4 week COE Season Across December and January! $54 for 3 training sessions and get 1 free! ($64 for COE Elite) 1-2 hour training sessions once a week Jersey included. • The Centers of Excellence is a technical development program for youth soccer players that is brought to you by Coerver® Coaching,"The world's number 1 soccer skills teaching method.” • Coerver® Coaching COEs operate around the world with the aim of maximizing each player's development. This is achieved by providing each player with a market-leading player package that has been designed to maximize the technical, physical, psychological and social development potential of each player. • The program is delivered using professional coaching, age-specific technical and physiological programs, top-class facilities and an extensive support program on and off the training field. • Our aim is to develop confident and creative players while teaching essential social skills such as good sportsmanship and respect, in addition to a good attitude to practice and play. Every Center of Excellence session follows the Coerver Pyramid. This means every session would include ball mastery, passing and receiving, 1v1 attack + defense, speed, finishing, and group play. The pyramid consists of 6 building blocks that is designed as a foundation for players to follow. Each block has dozens of games and training exercises for all ages and experience levels. The Pyramid Approach, combined with the Coerver Coaching philosophy, allows players to quickly gain confidence and progress through the interconnected levels of the game. Each step is integral to the others and player improvement is achieved as their techniques improve at each level!Our focus is strictly to develop the individuals technical (skills), physical (athleticism) and cognitive (decision making) abilities, the same abilities taught within world class organizations such as Barcelona and Manchester United.

Date & Time

December 12, 2017

6:00PM - 7:00PM

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