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Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is a wonderful to connect with your changing body as well as spend time with your baby during pregnancy.

The best gift you can give your baby is a rested mother grounded in self care. Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to connect with your changing body and your baby during pregnancy. This class is gentle and safe for any woman in any trimester, or one preparing for pregnancy. This class will utilize various yoga poses to develop strength, flexibility, and breath awareness that aid common discomforts of pregnancy and labor. Most importantly, this class will explore the connection between rest and the nervous system and how that connection can aid immensely during labor. Participants will also be part of a community of other women going through pregnancy together.

Date & Time

Weekly on Thursday

Nov 01, 2018 through Dec 13, 2018

6:30PM - 7:45PM

More Info

Event Website


$30 for members, $50 for non members for all 6 weeks

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