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Prysmian Group North America Unveils Global Innovation Hub

Feb 21, 2018 01:53PM ● By Emily Stevenson

Prysmian Group North America, a world leader in the telecom cables and systems industry, announced the opening of its new 54,000-square-foot Research & Development Center at the company’s Lexington headquarters. The unveiling marks the first day of classes at the Prysmian Group Academy, a hub for innovation that will welcome industry experts from around the world to South Carolina to develop smart, safe and sustainable solutions to build a better future.

“Today, there is significant lack of innovation in the cable industry, so the first company to really disrupt this space will make a lasting impact in the world,” said Hakan Ozmen, CEO of Prysmian Group North America. “Lately, Prysmian Group has made several investments in intelligent cable design and smarter infrastructure development. Our hope for the new R&D center is to foster the next generation of disruptors in the industry, which will have a lasting effect on communities around the globe.”

In addition to the company’s internal resources, Prysmian Group will periodically leverage its diverse network of partnerships with universities and experts from around the globe to provide enhanced learning opportunities for students.

Among the academy’s high-tech features are an interactive exhibition hall showcasing Prysmian Group’s emerging technologies and initiatives, which include pioneering portable partial discharge detection technology (PRY-CAM®), smoke evaluation of halogenated vs. nonhalogenated (AFUMEX®) compounds, detection of cable aging, ribbon fiber technology, interactive telecom and power grids.

“At Prysmian Group, we prioritize innovation as the key to creating the technology of tomorrow,” said Marcelo de Araujo Andrade, Senior Vice President of Research & Development at Prysmian Group. “This milestone is not only a marker of Prysmian’s expanding footprint in North America, but also reflects our commitment to improving customers’ lives by advancing technology in a safe, responsible and sustainable way.”

The R&D Center opens on the heels of a larger $15 million expansion of Prysmian Group’s Lexington facilities, which is expected to yield 30 new jobs over the next five years and render the company’s North American headquarters the highest producer of fiber cable in the world.