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Data Insurance

Sep 17, 2018 05:28PM ● By David Pence

How To Navigate Data Disasters And Keep Your Business Running

It’s illegal to drive a car without insurance, you are strongly encouraged to have health insurance, and it’s a wise decision to have life insurance. So why isn’t it second nature to insure your work, your files, and your business’ critical data? Top IT Security companies agree that all businesses should have a Business Recovery Plan to insure their security.

“The reason you buy, or invest in a Business Recovery Plan is not to run your business better … you’re mitigating risk when you put in a Business Recovery Plan” says David Pence, Acumen IT CEO. With the rise in ransomware starting to target businesses, your business is at risk specifically. Ransomware criminals target businesses, capture their data, encrypt it, and hold it hostage for thousands of dollars. These criminals demand payment anonymously, are impossible to track, and their attacks are becoming more and more frequent. Not only are ransomware cases becoming more frequent, but since 2016 their demands have increased from an average of $2,200, to $24,000 with a projected increase annually.

Without a business recovery or continuity plan in place, your business could be held at ransom for data you rightfully possess. And just like real insurance, without a Business Recovery Plan, you will face the full price of any damages without a company cushioning and supporting you. Make plans to prevent this and commit to a Business Recovery Plan to potentially save your business thousands of dollars.

Without a Business Recovery Plan protecting your business, you could be without world class systems to keep your business running. The choice should be second nature, either have the ability to keep your business running seamlessly, or be on the hook when disaster strikes.  

William David Pence is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Acumen IT, LLC. Since 1999, David has led the company in planning and executing innovative and intuitive three-prong strategies that enable Acumen IT to specialize in some of the faster growing segments of the IT industry that yield improved operational and financial performance for his clients. He specializes in developing and deploying innovative approaches for an organization’s most pressing problems and primary opportunities. His involvement imprints an indelible culture within commercial, civic, and cultural entities that motivates, galvanizes, and unifies an organization’s personnel to fulfill its true purpose. David’s primary objectives when leading an organization are to identify and capture transformative opportunities, increase the productivity of people and processes, and optimize operational and financial performance. His prescriptive approach has equipped organizations of all sizes in making better decisions faster that leverage a company’s strengths for a competitive edge while delivering maximal results.

David holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from Clemson University. He and his wife April have been married since 1997. They have two children.

He can be reached at [email protected] | 864.271.9000

About Acumen IT Acumen IT, founded in 1999, is a leading technology firm that helps companies and organizations accelerate their business by increasing their efficiencies in Processes, People and Profitability. Acumen IT leverages technology that work to improve a company’s business health and performance. Acumen IT also extends the capability and capacity of a company’s IT department, providing a flexible menu of IT resources and services in support of the IT strategy and business objectives. It’s a legitimate challenge for a company to find highly-qualified professionals that can skillfully manage IT operations. Acumen IT’s team of experienced IT engineers are able to provide general support needs, system upgrades, complex IT projects, IT audits, or the creation and deployment of a three-year IT strategic plan. Acumen IT delivers industry-leading technology solutions for virtualization, cloud computing, security, wireless, and networking. Acumen IT is focused on providing every client with smart and personalized technology solutions.