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Columbia Business Monthly

2019 SC 25 Fastest Growing Companies: No. 17 JEAR Logistics

LEADERSHIP Mark Neumeyer  | CEO

INDUSTRY Third party logistics

LOCATION Mt. Pleasant


What is the one thing that you would want others to know about your company?

I'd want them to know about the bonds that have been created here, and how much our people care about each other and work hard for each other. It isn't company-demanded. Our people take responsibility for the task at hand and just as important, for each other.

What interview questions do you ask or what hiring techniques do you use to hire the right candidate? How important is finding good talent in your company? Have you been able to find the talent you need in South Carolina?

We talk very candidly about the effort that is required to succeed in our industry and in our culture. We feel it is very important to be 100 percent clear about the effort we ask people to give as well as the success they can achieve.  We have had great success finding outstanding talent in South Carolina.

How do you manage fast growth? What advice would you give to a company in growth mode?  

We commit to our team and to their success by giving them the training and support they need to deliver incredible service to our customers and carriers alike. We have been fortunate that growth has always followed that commitment. I would encourage a growing company to focus on its core product and the customers it serves, invest in its people and grow at a pace that allows those areas to flourish. It is a long-term view, but it has been key to our success.

What lessons did you learn the hard way? If you could go back five or 10 years, what advice would you tell yourself?

As we grew over the last 5-10 years, our training of our employees did not develop as quickly as it should have. We played catch-up in this area more than we should've over those years.  In the last three to four years, we have committed heavily to our training programs and put great people in place to lead and develop our teams. If I could change one thing, it would be committing to this earlier in our history.

Do you have a mentor or life coach? What books would you recommend reading? Is being involved in your community important and why?

I have a few mentors and they have been invaluable to me, both in business and in my life.  As for books, I enjoy reading Patrick Lencioni, whose take on building great teams is woven into our company as wells as Jim Collins and his take on building great companies.   

What is the secret to your success? 

Be consistent in over-delivering. Do more than what is asked for, all the time.