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Columbia Business Monthly

2019 SC 25 Fastest Growing Companies: No. 24 Blue Haven Pools of Charleston

LEADERSHIP Brian & Rob Peppin | Co-founders

INDUSTRY Custom swimming pools and service

LOCATION North Charleston


If someone were to make a movie about your company, what would be the story you'd want to tell?

The story of our multi-generation pool business that is currently owned and operated by two brothers!

What interview questions do you ask or what hiring techniques do you use to hire the right candidate? How important is finding good talent in your company? 

Is this going to be a career or a stepping stone? Finding good people is critical to success and keeping happy customers. It's very hard finding good people. We heavily rely on our national presence to bring interest from well-skilled people.

How do you manage fast growth? What advice would you give to a company in growth mode? 

Don't be afraid to reinvest in your company. The better it runs, the more you will make in the long run.

What lessons did you learn the hard way? If you could go back five or 10 years what advice would you tell yourself?

We would have brought technology into our business a lot sooner. We are now all computer construction management.

Do you have a mentor or life coach? Is being involved in your community important and why? 

Our father was our mentor. 

Making sure people know that you care about the communities you're building is key to people taking the first step of trusting you to do business. 

What marketing tips would you offer other companies? 

Be multi-source. Don't put all your money in one basket. Get positive reviews!