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Why Greenville Is The New Young Professional Hotspot

Sep 21, 2022 04:43PM ● By Kamber Parker

When I first moved to Greenville, I was in college. At the ripe age of 17, I had no clue what a young professional (“YoPro”) was, nor did I really pay any attention to them. I was at Furman, living the life (or so I thought, at the time!). 

After graduating and beginning to settle down here, I recognized there was something special here. Hearing from friends in different cities across the U.S., I found that their cities didn’t have what Greenville did: a real community. 

Being a YoPro is tough at the beginning, so having a community is extremely important. There are so many ways outside of community that play a part in making a city attractive to YoPros, but here are four specific ways that have made Greenville a hotspot for YoPros: 

It’s affordable. I’m not looking to pay $2,000 per month to walk six flights up to my apartment or $20 for one cocktail, sorry-not-sorry. Greenville has affordable prices in most places, which is appealing to most of us YoPros starting out!

You can find the kind of social scene you are looking for. If you want a late-night food or going-out option, it’s here. For those of us who enjoy bonfires with friends outside and getting in bed by 10, that’s here too. 

Diverse jobs are here, and more job opportunities are coming. With large companies like Michelin, GE, and BMW, mixed in with the rising entrepreneurial scene and emerging jobs here, there are plenty of opportunities for YoPros looking for elite roles. 

You can create a community here. It’s home to countless organizations like the Greenville Chamber Young Professionals, Urban League, and more, and you can find a home in pretty much anything. 

I’ve found that Greenville keeps getting smaller despite its significant growth, reaching No. 1 in all of the travel and best destination charts. My Greenville will always remain small as long as I have my community, which is the most important factor living in a city as a YoPro. 

Kamber Parker is founder and Young Professional Expert at The YoPro Know, LLC