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Voodoo Brewing Co. Brings New Vibe to Downtown Fountain Inn

Nov 03, 2022 03:46PM ● By Owen Kowalewski

Fountain Inn is being built up left and right with the help of successful small businesses.

One of these is the new location of Voodoo Brewing Co. right off of East Jones and South Main Street in downtown Fountain Inn. Voodoo Brewing Co. is a franchise that started in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and now has 12 locations, most of which are in Pennsylvania.

However, David Simons, owner of Voodoo Brewing’s Fountain Inn location, has brought the popular franchise down South. 

Simons is happy with his choice to bring the company out to Fountain Inn. “We could have tried to open up in Greenville, but my wife and I really gravitated toward the small-town feel of Fountain Inn,” he said. 

Simons said he wanted a place for the community to go and enjoy excellently brewed beer without having to drive far out of town to Greenville or Simpsonville. 

After finding the location in July of 2021, Simons and his wife have turned an old furniture store and warehouse into a place to meet up with friends and enjoy some time together. 

This is one of the main reasons Simons said he wanted the small-town feel that Fountain Inn provided. He wants it to be a meeting spot to catch up with friends or just take a load off from the stresses of life. 

“People always ask us where are the TVs, but we aren’t that kind of place. This isn’t a sports bar. This is a place for people to get together, to spend time communicating together, and to build the Fountain Inn community.” 

Not all Voodoo Brewing Companies are exactly the same. Simons was happy with the flexibility to put a little bit of his own spin on Voodoo, especially being in the South. “You aren’t going to see pimento cheese or shrimp and grits on other Voodoo menus. We were able to partner world-class beer with delicious food.”

When asked what he enjoys most about coming to Fountain Inn after having been in business for over a month, Simons said he loves that he is “starting to see the same faces.” 

He also said he loved the feedback that people have provided. It was not just Simons noticing the difference, but the people of Fountain Inn were seeing the hard work being done to bolster their hometown.

Simons is pleased to see that his goal of building a sense of community in Fountain Inn is seeing success in such a short period of time.