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The Business Narrative: Basketball Deal

Mar 18, 2024 09:40AM ● By Donna Walker

MiLaysia Fulwiley Signs with Curry Brand

Photo: MiLaysia Fulwiley


Under Armour, Inc. (NYSE: UA, UAA) said it has signed University of South Carolina guard MiLaysia Fulwiley to a multi-year NIL (name, image, and likeness) partnership with Curry Brand.


As the first collegiate athlete to sign with Curry Brand at an Under Armour school, Fulwiley will wear Curry Brand footwear on the court throughout the remainder of her college career at the University of South Carolina.


Off the court, she will be a brand ambassador, expanding the Curry Brand's reach and commitment to change the game for good across the collegiate and women's basketball landscape.


Fulwiley will also collaborate with the Curry Brand team on player exclusives, highlighting the best of the brand and showcasing her personality and style. 


"We are thrilled to have MiLaysia officially join the Curry Brand family," said Ryan Drew, GM of Curry Brand.


Drew added, "MiLaysia embodies the type of athlete with whom we love to partner: she is a highly motivated, talented and community-driven young athlete who works every day to compete at the highest level. As we continue to grow and diversify the Curry Brand, we are excited to partner with her and deepen our roots in the collegiate athlete community."  


Before coming to this partnership, Curry Brand was a part of Fulwiley's life and basketball journey.


A native of Columbia, S.C., where she now plays collegiately, Fulwiley played her final season of AAU basketball for Team Curry, the AAU team sponsored by Stephen Curry and Curry Brand based in Charlotte, N.C.


Fulwiley honed her skills over the years by wearing various Curry Brand shoes, and her brand loyalty has continued at the University of South Carolina, an Under Armour school.


"When it comes to the ability to change the game for good, nobody can speak to that more than MiLaysia," said Stephen Curry, president of Curry Brand. "She's changing the women's game on the fly with how she plays and moves on the court. She has a unique style and flow to her game that I don't think many people have seen in a long time."


Curry added, "She was a part of Curry Camp, is a Team Curry alumni, and is currently playing at an Under Armour school, so there are just so many great tie-ins to the Under Armour family, and partnering with her and Curry Brand is such a special opportunity. I'm humbled that she is now a part of the family."  


Fulwiley, who played six seasons of varsity high school basketball because she was pulled up early due to her skill, won four high school state championships in South Carolina and racked up over 3,000 career points and numerous national honors during high school.


In her freshman year playing for women's basketball powerhouse, the University of South Carolina, she has averaged 11 points and 2.9 rebounds a game, contributing significantly to their perfect regular season record and earning herself a spot on the SEC's All-Freshman Team. 


Fulwiley became the first freshman in South Carolina history to be awarded the SEC Tournament MVP. 


"MiLaysia is a generational player, an artist who is expanding her understanding of how to marry all aspects of her game every day," said Dawn Staley, head coach of the University of South Carolina women's basketball team.


Staley added, "We are learning things from each other about how to maximize her game, and it has been incredible to work with her on that process."


In addition to her accomplishments on the court, Fulwiley continues to have a presence in her local community of Columbia, South Carolina, where she is still involved with her high school team and grassroots basketball.


Fulwiley will debut as a Curry Brand athlete in this year's NCAA Tournament.  


"It feels incredible to be picked to represent Curry Brand," Fulwiley said. "Knowing that I can be a role model for other young girls to come out here and do exactly what I did is amazing." 


Under Armour, Inc., headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is a leading inventor, marketer, and distributor of branded athletic performance apparel, footwear, and accessories.


A partnership between Stephen Curry and Under Armour, Curry Brand is a purpose-led performance brand with a mission to ensure every young person has equitable access to sports, providing solutions that positively impact youth sports in under-resourced communities.


It aims to provide youth with new apparel and equipment, access to mentors and coaches, and safe places to play.


Curry Brand features footwear, apparel, and accessories across multiple categories, including basketball and golf. 

Duke Energy Appoints Harry Sideris President of Company

Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK) announced a set of executive leadership appointments, including the promotion of Harry Sideris to president of Duke Energy, effective April 1. 


Lynn Good remains Duke Energy's chair and CEO, as she continues to lead one of the nation's largest clean energy transitions through a strategy committed to reliability and affordability for its customers.


Separately, the company also announced that Steve Young is retiring from the role of executive vice president and chief commercial officer, effective June 30. He will continue with the company as a senior advisor to Duke Energy until that time.


As president, Sideris, a 28-year company veteran, will have responsibility for Duke Energy's electric and gas utilities, including all aspects of customer service and operations. He will continue to report to Good.


Sideris most recently was EVP of customer experience, solutions and services. In that role, Sideris led transmission, distribution and customer operations, as well as economic development activities.


Sideris has previously served as president of the company's Florida regulated utility, chief distribution officer, and senior vice president of environmental, health and safety.


Said Good: "Harry's leadership experiences have included nearly every facet of Duke Energy's operations as well as extensive regulatory and stakeholder experience. This uniquely qualifies him to lead our utilities and operations in this period of transformation as we continue to meet the growing demands for affordable, reliable and increasingly clean energy."


In announcing Young's retirement, Good recognized his career of more than four decades that included serving nine years as Duke Energy's EVP and chief financial officer before taking on his current position in September 2022, which included oversight of the commercial renewables business, natural gas business unit, generation and transmission strategy and information technology.


Before becoming CFO, Young was Duke Energy's SVP, controller and chief accounting officer.


Young spent his entire career with Duke Energy, joining Duke Power as a financial assistant in 1980 out of college and advancing through the organization to serve in several leadership roles across finance, the controller's office, rates and regulatory affairs, and system planning and operations.


As a result of Sideris's expanded scope and Young's planned retirement, Good's direct reports now include Sideris; Brian Savoy, EVP and chief financial officer; Louis Renjel, EVP and chief corporate affairs officer; and Kodwo Ghartey-Tagoe, EVP, chief legal officer and corporate secretary. 


Sideris's direct reports include Julie Janson, EVP and CEO of the Carolinas, who adds responsibility for the company's natural gas business unit to her portfolio; Alex Glenn, EVP and CEO of Duke Energy Florida and Midwest; and Preston Gillespie, EVP and chief generation officer and head of enterprise operational excellence.


In addition to those leaders who make up the company's senior management committee, the following executives are joining the group effective April 1, reflecting expanded responsibilities:


* Bonnie Titone, who most recently served as SVP and chief information officer. She is being appointed SVP and chief administrative officer, with responsibilities that include information technology, cyber, supply chain and facilities and real estate.


With more than 22 years of experience in information technology, Titone joined Duke Energy in 2019 from Pacific Gas and Electric after leadership roles with Volkswagen and Toyota. Titone will report to Good.

* Sasha Weintraub, who most recently served as SVP and head of the company's natural gas business unit. He is being appointed SVP and chief customer officer.


In addition to traditional customer service functions, Weintraub's new scope will include responsibility for new customer products and services, as well as customer pricing and rate design, economic development and wholesale customers.

Additionally, his portfolio includes the company's grid strategy. Weintraub, with more than 25 years of industry experience, will report to Sideris.

* Scott Batson, whose responsibilities expanded this month when he assumed the role of senior vice president and chief power grid operations officer, brings nearly 40 years of company experience, and oversees the safe, reliable and efficient operation of Duke Energy's electric transmission and distribution systems for the company's six-state service area.


Batson will report to Sideris.

Colliers Brokers Sale of Historic Building in Downtown Columbia

Colliers | South Carolina’s Mary Winter Teaster and Crawford Prezioso represented Back Porch Group LLC in the sale of a ±2,424-square-foot historic building at 2027 Taylor St. to Ernest Finney Group LLC.

2027 Taylor Street is a historical landmark at the corner of Taylor and Harden Streets. It is the original residence of Matilda Arabella Evans, the first African American licensed to practice medicine in South Carolina.


According to Historic Columbia, the property remained with the Evans family until 2005 when the building was sold to a Columbia attorney.
"The property has a remarkable history, and the client wanted to ensure its new owner would understand the significance and history of the building," Teaster said.


Teaster added, "Through the devoted efforts of the Ernest Finney Group, the building’s history of service to the local community will continue to be honored and preserved for generations to come."

Teaster and Prezioso are senior brokerage associates with Colliers | South Carolina.


Teaster specializes in local small businesses, women-owned businesses and nonprofit organizations in the historic areas of downtown Columbia.


Prezioso represents owners, landlords, users and tenants in the leasing and sale of commercial properties throughout Columbia and central South Carolina.

Sauce Showdown: South Carolina Mustard Sauce Voted the 15th Best in the Nation (Poll)

The quest for the ultimate BBQ experience is a savory journey through America's regional specialties.


Texas, with its legendary slow-smoked brisket and succulent ribs, stakes a bold claim to the title of the nation's top BBQ.


Meanwhile, Memphis-style BBQ, with its mouthwatering pulled pork and ribs, offers a formidable challenge with its rich tradition.


Not to be overlooked, Hawaiian BBQ brings a distinctive taste to the table, infusing Polynesian and Asian influences into classics like the smoky kalua pork.


While the method of barbecuing meat contributes significantly to the dish's outcome, the role of BBQ sauce in defining flavor cannot be overstated.


Recognizing this, Smoked BBQ Source, a trusted resource for barbecue guides, recipes, and product reviews, set out to conduct an extensive survey among 3,000 BBQ enthusiasts.


The mission? To identify once and for all the most celebrated BBQ style sauce across the country.


The results were as diverse as the barbecue styles themselves, with the top 10 ranging from Arizona's fiery concoctions to the innovative zest of Florida's citrus-infused varieties.


The top 10 were:


#1 Arizona Style Sauce
Topping the charts is the Arizona Style Sauce – it's the John Wayne of BBQ sauces, bold and smoky, with a chili pepper lasso that wrangles any wild meat into submission. It's got more kick than a mule with a cactus thorn in its side.


#2. Alabama White Sauce
Struttin' in at second, Alabama White Sauce is celebrated for its distinctive mayonnaise base, setting it apart with its unique color and creamy texture. Its tangy profile, laced with just the right amount of bite, makes it an exceptional choice for both chicken and pork, offering a refreshing twist on traditional BBQ flavors.


#3. Georgia BBQ Sauce
Ranking third, Georgia BBQ Sauce strikes a delightful balance between sweet and tangy, primarily featuring a ketchup or tomato foundation. Occasionally, this sauce is enhanced with peaches, offering a nod to Georgia's famed produce, and providing a subtly sweet, fruity undertone that elevates it from the ordinary.


#4. Florida BBQ Sauce
Florida BBQ Sauce, with its signature citrusy notes, claims the fourth position. It ingeniously incorporates orange or lemon juice, introducing a distinct tanginess that brightens the overall flavor profile, making it a perfect complement to a wide range of barbecued foods.


#5. California Style Sauce
At fifth place, California Style Sauce is known for its emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients, often drawing inspiration from Asian or Mexican culinary traditions. This approach results in a versatile sauce that adds an innovative and flavorful twist to any barbecue.


#6. Arkansas Style Sauce
The sixth-ranked Arkansas Style Sauce features a tangy, vinegar and tomato base with a spicy kick. Its thinner consistency makes it an ideal choice for marinating or as a dipping sauce, offering a piquant flavor that enhances the meat's natural taste.


#7. Texas-Style BBQ Sauce
The seventh slot goes to Texas-Style BBQ Sauce, which is recognized for its thinner, tomato-based composition. It skillfully balances sweet, spicy, and tangy elements, with certain variations leaning towards a beefier focus and a touch of heat, reflecting the state's preference for brisket.


#8. Kansas City-Style BBQ Sauce
Claiming the eighth spot, Kansas City-Style BBQ Sauce is a crowd-pleaser with its thick consistency and a harmonious blend of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors. This sauce has become synonymous with American barbecue, beloved for its versatility and rich taste.


#9. Hawaii BBQ Sauce (Huli Huli Sauce)
Ranking ninth, the Hawaii BBQ Sauce, or Huli Huli Sauce, offers a teriyaki-style experience that's both sweet and tangy. Made with pineapple juice, soy sauce, and ginger, it's particularly favored for grilling chicken, bringing a touch of tropical flair to the table.


#10. Memphis-Style BBQ Sauce
Rounding up the top 10, Memphis-Style BBQ Sauce is noted for its thinner consistency and tangy flavor, leaning more towards tanginess than sweetness. While Memphis BBQ is traditionally more focused on the rub, this sauce provides a balanced blend that complements the smoky meats perfectly.


South Carolina had one BBQ sauce among the nation's favorites:


#15. South Carolina Mustard Sauce
This mustard-based masterpiece is a hallmark of South Carolina barbecue, offering a distinctive departure from the more widespread tomato-based sauces. Its base of yellow mustard is complemented by a perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess, creating a flavor profile that is uniquely suited to the region's preference for pork.


The sauce's golden hue is as inviting as its taste, which combines the sharpness of mustard with the depth of sweetness brought by honey or brown sugar. Vinegar is added to the mix to introduce a refreshing tang, while a careful selection of spices rounds out the flavor, ensuring a complex and well-balanced sauce.


This sauce is especially popular with pulled pork and ribs, where it not only adds flavor but also a visually striking element to the dish. 

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